Pierre Durot

Pierre Durot • Boeckmans

To create a local maritime chartering community, which will be recognized as A+ abroad.


Patrick Pieters

Vice – president
Patrick Pieters • Vroon

Living in Antwerp I am proud to be part of the ACC organization, supporting the chartering scene. The variety of different shipping segments represented by all its ACC members is really something to cherish.


Steven Jacobs

Steven Jacobs • Cobelfret 

I strongly believe in the human factor of shipping and a logical step for me was to get involved with people in all aspects of ship chartering.
The ACC board is a clear reference to the variety of sectors covered with over 100 years of combined experience.

Bert Schandevyl

Bert Schandevyl •Cobelfret

Let’s make Antwerp an important hub for Chartering and Freight Trading professionals!

Dag De Bondt

Dag De Bondt • Lalemant

I was eager to support and join the Belgian maritime ‘missing link’ from the start.
The Club has given me the opportunity to broaden my professional and personal horizon nearly at my doorstep.


Chris Van Echelpoel

Chris Van Echelpoel • Longship

As one of the founding members, I’m extremely proud that we have built a strong team, that made the ACC to what it is today.  And, despite the distance between work and the ACC action, I will definitely contribute, be it less in the spotlights, to the further development of our great Club and share my experience from the last 8 years as a President of the ACC.


Frederic Bouthillier

Frederic Bouthillier • Vertis Environmental Finance

Chartering knowledge across commodities and across generations !

Ole Gjostol

Ole Gjostol • Golden Ocean

I am extremely proud to be member of the Antwerp Chartering Club.
The magnitude of its members, and their companies we have onboard, contributes enormously to the building of relations and networking for all of us in all the maritime fields.

Golden Ocean

Ole Gjostol

Pieter Staes • Conti-Lines

Having been a member of the Antwerp Chartering Club since it’s establishment in 2009 , it goes without saying that I am very proud to be able to join theboard almost 10 years later. Having witnessed the continued growth and success of the ACC. I will do my utmost to continue creating added value to the Club and all it’s members in order to ensure the ACC will remain the highly regarded organisation that it already is today.